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Marine Fish Collagen Tripeptide Helps To Ease The Aging Process Of Skin

China Beyond Biopharma Co.,Ltd. certification
China Beyond Biopharma Co.,Ltd. certification
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Marine Fish Collagen Tripeptide Helps To Ease The Aging Process Of Skin

Marine Fish Collagen Tripeptide Helps To Ease The Aging Process Of Skin
Marine Fish Collagen Tripeptide Helps To Ease The Aging Process Of Skin Marine Fish Collagen Tripeptide Helps To Ease The Aging Process Of Skin Marine Fish Collagen Tripeptide Helps To Ease The Aging Process Of Skin Marine Fish Collagen Tripeptide Helps To Ease The Aging Process Of Skin

Large Image :  Marine Fish Collagen Tripeptide Helps To Ease The Aging Process Of Skin

Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: BBP
Certification: ISO9001, US FDA
Model Number: BBP-HFP-18
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 200KGS
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 20KG/Bag, 8MT/20' Container
Delivery Time: 2 Weeks for One 20' Container
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 100MT/Month
Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Fish Collagen Tripeptide Origin: Tilapia Fish Skin
Appearance: White To Slight Yellow Powder Odor: Odorless
Taste: Neutral Taste Solubility: Perfect Solubility Into Water
Protein Purity: ≥ 95% Function: Skin Beauty, Joint Health,
Loading Capacity: 8MT In 10 Pallets Packing: 20KG / BAG

Marine Fish Collagen Tripeptide Helps To Ease The Aging Process Of Skin


Brief Introduction:

Collagen is a triple helical structure composed of about 20 amino acids% in Gly-x-y repeats, in which the main role is glycine-proline-hydroxyproline (GPH). Glycine is an important amino acid that constitutes the skin chain of collagen, can stabilize the molecular structure of collagen, proline is one of the amino acids composed of collagen, can promote the production of collagen in human body; Hydroxyproline, is a characteristic amino acid of collagen, can help the reconstruction of collagen and the regeneration and renewal of elastin.


Collagen skin (CTP) is the smallest structural unit of collagen and consists of three amino acids.(Glycine + proline + hydroxyproline + other kinds of amino acids), contains a large number of landmark components GPH is crucial for collagen synthesis, absorption rate is only fast, can be directly absorbed into the skin, can improve skin wrinkles, skin color, moisturizing and other effects.


Quick Details of our Fish Collagen Tripeptide:

Product Name Fish Collagen Tripeptide
Origin Fish scale and skin
Appearance White powder or Granular
CAS Number 9007-34-5
Production process enzymatic hydrolysis
Protein Content ≥ 90% by Kjeldahl method
Tripeptides Content 5% -50%
Loss on Drying ≤ 8%
Molecular weight Around 500 Dalton
Solubility Instant solubility into water
Molecular weight Low Molecular Weight
Bioavailability High Bioavailability, quick and easy absorption by human body
Application Solid Drinks Powder for Anti-aging, Skin Whiten, Heart Health
Halal Certificate Yes, Halal Verified
Health Certificate Yes, Health certificate is available for custom clearance purpose
Shelf Life 24 months from production date
Packing 20KG/BAG, 8MT/ 20' Container, 16MT / 40' Container


Specification of our Fish Collagen Tripeptide Powder:

Testing Item Standard


Appearance, Smell and impurity

White to off-white powder form
odorless, completely free from aby foreign unpleasant smell
No impurity and black dots by naked eyes directly
Moisture content ≤7%
Protein ≥95%
Ash ≤2.0%
pH(10% solution, 35℃) 5.0-7.0
Molecular weight ≤500 Dalton
Lead (Pb) ≤0.5 mg/kg
Cadmium (Cd) ≤0.1 mg/kg
Arsenic (As) ≤0.5 mg/kg
Mercury (Hg) ≤0.50 mg/kg
Total Plate Count <1000 cfu/g
Yeast and Mould <100 cfu/g
E. Coli Negative in 25 gram
Salmonelia Spp Negative in 25 gram
Tapped Density Report as it is
Particle Size 20-60 MESH



The Characteristics of Fish Collagen Tripeptide:

1. Low molecular weight: The molecular weight of fish collagen tripeptide is only 280 daltons, which is easier to be absorbed and used by the human body than other collagen peptides.

2. Good biological activity: the fish collagen tripeptide contains rich active peptides, which can provide a certain biological active effect and stimulate the formation and repair of collagen in human body.

3. High solubility: Fish collagen tripeptide has good solubility in water, and it is easy to prepare and apply in different products. Such as solid beverage powder, energy bars, skin care products, etc.

4. Good absorption: Fish collagen tripeptide can more easily penetrate the skin layer and provide the required nutrients and support.


Effect of Fish Collagen Tripeptided on the skin:

1. Improve the elasticity and firmness of the skin: Fish collagen tripeptide promotes the synthesis of collagen, enhance the structural support of the skin, help improve the elasticity and firmness of the skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


2. Moisturizing: Fish collagen tripeptide has an efficient moisturizing ability, which can improve the moisturizing ability of the skin, increase the skin moisture content, adjust the balance of the skin water and oil, and make the skin moist and bright.


3. Antioxidant: Fish collagen tripeptide has certain antioxidant properties, which helps to resist the damage of free radicals, reduce the oxidative stress of cells, and thus delay the skin aging process.


4. Improve skin color: Fish collagen tripeptide can regulate the production and distribution of melanin, reduce skin pigmentation, and improve uneven skin tone.


What are the characteristic differences between fish collagen peptide and fish collagen tripeptide?

1. Higher absorption: relatively large molecular weight (100, 000~300, 000 Dalton), The human body can almost not digest and absorb directly, Collagen skin is composed of 30 to 50 amino acids, Random synthesize proteins or collagen from all parts of the body after entering the body, the absorption rate is also low and the molecular weight of collagen is only 250 to 1000 daltons, Can be directly absorbed and efficiently utilized by the small intestine, With the same amount than normal collagen skin, A higher absorption rate, Can reach more than 95%, The effect of 1.5g collagen three is equivalent to that of 9.0g~10.5g collagen skin.


2. Higher utilization: Collagen skin has good skin permeability, and can be directly transported to skin fibroblasts through blood, and can be absorbed and used by the skin without decomposition. Collagen three skin GPH can stimulate dermal fibrobcells, generate collagen in the skin, its stable three spiral structure can strong lock water, keep the skin moist, water tender state, equivalent to supplement collagen and hyaluronic acid at the same time, repair skin cells and hydrating, beauty effect get twice the result with half the effort.


3. Higher stability: Collagen three skin has the characteristics of colorless, tasteless, pH stability and temperature stability. The experiment proved that the active ingredient GPH was not decomposed until 2 hours by gastric acid and pepsin, showing its high stability.



About us :

Founded in the year of 2009, Beyond Biopharma Co., Ltd. is an ISO 9001 Verified and US FDA Registered manufacturer of collagen bulk powder and gelatin series products located in China.


Our production facility covers an area of totally 9000 square meters and is equipped with 4 dedicated advanced automatic production lines. Our HACCP workshop covered an area of around 5500㎡ and our GMP workshop covers an area of around 2000 ㎡.


Our production facility is designed with annual production capacity of 3000MT Collagen bulk Powder and 5000MT Gelatin series Products. We have exported our collagen bulk powder and Gelatin to around 50 Countries all around the world.


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